Benky Climbing offers individually tailored and custom-sized fall protection mats for climbing and bouldering facilities. We prioritise consistent and uniform quality in our boulder matting system. To ensure the safety of every climber, our mats maintain a consistent height and hardness across their entire surface.

Impact and fall protecting bouldering mats

For that added touch of safety when bouldering, we offer different versions of our high quality matting.

German Engeniering


The Q-MAT is an advanced multi-layer impact and fall protecting mat, combining a rebond foam pressure distribution system and a vinyl cover with a PU force absorbtion foam. This unique design achieves optimal compression hardness, thanks to our specifically constructed sandwich construction. The vinyl cover not only compresses individual foam layers, but also offers moisture protection. Across all our systems, the upper compression manifold joints are welded to prevent slippage and the formation of gaps. The finishing touch is our new seamless butt connector free Q-MAT X Carpet with sound absorbing properties, ensuring a top notch product.

Modular structure

Easily adaptable with a flexible system, maintaining its shape and performance over years due to its sandwich construction with a pressure distribution layer.

Minimal Dust and Noise Reduction

Our carpet effectively captures airborne chalk, reduces sound and offers easy maintenance. This provides a quieter and cleaner alternative to traditional PVC mat coverings.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Ökotex Bio composite foams are crafted from renewable sources like sunflower and rapeseed oil, using a chemical-free steam bonding process.

Flat and Wrinkle-FrEE

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures perfectly tensioned carpet surfaces, guaranteeing a completely flat and wrinkle-free installation.

Safety First

Designed for optimal compression hardness. Providing secure footing while walking and controlled stability during landings, it reduces the risk of twisting injuries

Less Maintenance

The carpet’s ability to retain dust leads to longer-lasting climbing hold textures, reducing the need for frequent hold cleaning which saves time and effort.

Cost effective

The layered structure means replacement is more economical – it allows for quick and easy replacement of heavily worn sections.

Dust Proof

Our 2024 Q-Mat X Carpet is dustproof. No chalk under the seams to reduce its lifespan, and less chalk build-up beneath the mat, ensures less airborne particles are expelled with each jump on the mat.

If necessary, we can manufacture our matting in accordance with locally specified fire protection standards

benky is member of the standardisation committee for climbing walls, holds and impact protection matting in climbing and bouldering gyms. Our products are, by nature, always state of the art. Our particularly durable foam fillings are exclusively branded German goods with manufacturing quality class 1A – we do not use cheap recycled goods with highly fluctuating properties

  • Our foam fillings comply with building material class 2 (DIN 4102-2).

  • They also meet the classification E (DIN EN 13501)

  • Our carpet and PVC comply with building material class B1 if required