Kilterboard, Moonboard, Tensionboard, Brand-Board*

First frame with a slab option. The Fastest electronic adjustment on the market and always 100% synchronized.

We´re offering adjustable trainingswalls for all major systems. All our frames are available as a wall mounted or free standing construction. You can order the benkyclimbing systemwall for the following setups.





System Wall for Slab Climbing

The 2021 benkyframe is the first frame worldwide which gives you the ability to set the wall to a negative angle of -10 degree. An innovative feature for slab climbers and kids setups.

Real-time speed for adjusting the board from -10 to 70 degree.

The Fastest Adjustment on The Market

The 2021 benkyframe has the fastest electronic adjustment on the market. In 16 seconds from -10 to 70 degrees, controlled by app or analog switch on the frame. 

Always synchronized

The new patented mechanic guaranties a 100% synchronized frame.

Custom Made to fit your space

We offer the original 12×12 setup as well as with custom kickboard height, reduced angle or what ever it takes to make it fit in your gymspace if the space is tight for the full blown setup.

The frame can be fully electronically adjustable or installed at a fixed angle.

Standard holds sets and LED Hardware is available for order through benkyclimbing.

Brand-Board Panels.

Brand-Board panels are new innovative panels which will allow you to use the frame with one single setup for every climbing hold brand you can imagine.

Interested ? Get in contact for more detailed information.

Kilterboard Systemwand
Picture: Thomas Lindinger

Custom Kilter Board frame for KBZ Bad Tölz. Due to the reduced height of the room we made a frame with an reduced angle ranging 20 – 70 degeree as well an an shorter kickboard.


Our freestanding 2021 Kilterboardframe installed at Boulderhaus Heidelberg


Our freestanding 2021 Kilterboardframe installed at Boulderhaus Darmstadt

Individual Trainingsarea

We´re planning a full landscape of different trainingwalls for you.