Kids Bouldering Gym - Boulder Island Mannheim - Germany

Boulder Island saw the potential and need for an independent space for kids climbing and adventure. Benky climbing developed the concept of a giant octopus that spreads its arms through the gym as a climbing surface and slide. In keeping with the Boulder Island theme.

Welcome to Boulder Island Kids

The ultimate adventure destination for young climbers! For Boulderi Island Kids, we combine the thrill of classic bouldering walls with a playground full of excitement. Kids can navigate through a maze of net obstacles, zoom down exhilarating slides, and conquer challenging bouldering walls, all while developing their strength and coordination. 

Featuring two slides

Equiped with a classic standart tubeslide, we also build one of the octopus tentacles as a custom wooden slide.



Giving every client an impression of the project in advance is a matter of course for us. In a multi-stage 3D visualisation, we coordinate every detail with our customers to their complete satisfaction.